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Friday, March 4, 2011

My Spirit is in CHARGE over my Soul and Body...

I am about to start the 21 day Daniel Fast.
It is based out of the book of Daniel from Daniel 1 and from Daniel 10.
I have never done a real fast before and I am excited about this one!

I really feel as if God has been speaking to me lately...
trying to tell me what to do with my push me along the way...guiding me in the direction He wants me to go...

I dont know if staying here and teacher little kids is what I am called to do now!
I never would've imagined myself saying that...but I truly believe it scares me to death...but it makes me SO excited too! I love to think and know that whatever situation I am placed in for the rest of my life..God will protect me...God will guide me...God will love me...and God will forever reign over my life!

In John 14 it says that the reason Jesus agreed to die on the cross was NOT bc he wanted to! HECK NO!
He did NOT want to!
But because he was obeying his fathers commands!Satan had NO hold on him!! He did it out of love and obedience to His father!
I want that love..and i want that much obedience to God MY father!!

I am doing this be praying and focusing on the Spirit taking over my life.
For the Spirit to work in me in Kampala this summer...for His will to be done there...
mainly for me to deny myself DAILY....and letting God's will control my life.
I am ready for this..and I know God is saying.."FINALLY!!!"=]

Satan has NO hold on me...My spirit is taking control of everything...Denying myself and letting God's will be done...are precious things..that I cannot WAIT to experience with my Savior!

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