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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Everything has a Purpose....

I'm writing this blog-
mainly for myself...
but also for others who are in my life-
so that i can reflect back on it and see what i have gone through...
and hopefully how i have grown..
i am almost done with college...
and i have a lot to do to prepare for being an adult 
-and living in the "real world"...
i want this to be a record...
of my life-
and what is in my life-
to show me...
my faults
my flaws
my positves
my purpose
my loves
my fears
my tears
my joys
i am going to be transparent-to show the me-that Jesus loves and [fearfully and wonderfully made]

today-i'm writing about baby Leeland<3

Baby Leeland had his second of three surgeries today. I hurt for this baby and his momma and daddy. I love praying to Jesus and begging in his name to heal this baby's heart. I just love knowing the He has a purpose and a plan for everything and everyone. He never leaves us alone...even in the darkest valleys...or when we feel alone...he watches over us!
I love Psalm 147:3- I think it was written perfectly for baby L. 
I can't imagine what Holly and Jonny are going through with this kind of pain being put on their baby. I can't imagine having no power or control over your baby. No way to stop his pain or tears from coming. How they must trust these doctors that they only met 3 months ago...with their sons life. I couldn't imagine...packing my bags at home...putting him in the car seat...and pulling into the interstate to head to Arkansas Children' carry my baby to a cold room...where they arent welcome...
I can't imagine how God felt...bringing his son into the world FULLY KNOWING...that his son was born to die a painful death. His son was be made a be broken...beaten...for me.
I know that Jonny and Holly were preparing for a healthy that they never wanted to give up to someone they never knew...
But God did it...and He had a purpose.
God did it to Leeland too...and He has a purpose.
I am so blessed.
I am so loved.
I am carried to the table of the Lord every day.
Broken and Sinful.
Ashamed of things I have done and do.
But Jesus was born-for all of those things I have-
to protect me.
to love me.
to heal me.
to bind wounds. 
to heal broken baby hearts.
Our God is a God who saves<3

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